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To schedule a play-date with me you may send a polite email to the following address-


Be sure to include things like how long you have been in the lifestyle, when you are wishing to meet with me, your name, fetishes you enjoy, why you are contacting me specifically, your age, where you are visiting me from and most importantly WHEN you wish to meet me.

Lastly do note.....I
do an interview or "talk dirty" on the phone. I'm rather "vanilla" as I do not know if you are calling from somewhere  it is OK to speak of certain things. I also might be in a place where talking about "cock and ball torture" might not be the best thing so please do not email me asking me to call you for a chat because it will no happen. I only visit with those that take the time to present themselves to me in a classy manner and with a complete and thought out introductory email.

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