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Dallas Fort Worth's Premier Professional Dominantrix 

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My application to serve me is on the following page, after reviewing my tribute entirely, you may submit your application.

I prefer to put My tribute on My site so it is plainly seen and there is no confusion. It is non-negotiable and very reasonable considering My facilities and expertise. If you are looking for a "call girl with cuffs" you are on the wrong website. I bring much more than you will find anywhere else to the session. I truly enjoy what I do and my time with each and everyone I session with.

Each slave has their own set of kinks and their own things that drive them deeper into "subspace" I am in awe after each session and I enjoy the hell out of watching a slave truly submit and relinquish control during a session. It is one thing to let Me place handcuffs on your wrists but an entirely different reaction happens when you know your place is beneath My boot and in chains. 

Below is a summary of My tribute and expectations during a session with Me. Tribute is on a sliding scale, the more time you spend with Me the less each hour is.


**Rates for Tribute**

In My Dungeon

  • 1 hour- $250
  • 2 hour- $475
  • 3 hour- $650

Vanilla Fun

On occasion I get asked to join a slave for a "vanilla" dinner or drinks and sometimes shopping excursions for toys.

  • Drinks $75/hr.
  • Dinner $100 /hr.
  • Shopping $100 /hr.
  • Other activities TBD/hr

Public Sessions

Public sessions are on a case by case basis. For example, if you would like to be feminized and taken shopping for clothing I consider this a "public session" rather than a "vanilla outing." I rather enjoy this type of session FYI!

Extended Sessions and Overnight

Extended sessions are available and encouraged. My hotel is my cage! I LOVE longer sessions! Having a little subbie there for my amusement for an entire day to do My bidding, help Me with my daily routine and accompany Me to My dungeon for Me to play with makes Me a very happy Domme.  You will no doubt enjoy any time you spend with Me but having you there for an extended session gives Me time to dive deeper into your mindset and really get to know you, and what makes you submissive and crave this lifestyle.

I have facilities for you to shower, clean up, sleep, dinner, drinks and of course My company.

  • 12 hours (day) $2100
  • 12 hours (night) $1700
  • 24 hours $3500

Femdom Parties

I on occasion host "Femdom Theme Parties" with multiple Dommes and slaves. If that is something you are interested in let Me know and I will add you to My email list for an upcoming party.

Note- I do not invite boys to my parties I have not vetted and sessioned with 1 on 1.

Two Dommes

If you would like the experience of two Dommes or two Medical Examiners I can accommodate that fantasy as well. I have two very lovely Dommes in DFW that I session with. Having Us in the dungeon together is quite the experience.


I sometimes get requests to "record the session" or take "photographs." Yes, I allow this to be done but by someone of My choosing. Either Myself another Domme or one of my personal slaves will do the taping and photography. I will not record or engage in any illegal activities. DO NOT ASK!

Tributes below are in addition to your session tribute.

  • Photographs $200
  • Video $500 

Foot Fetish

I am a "footnight.com" model and I am very well versed in sensual foot domination and even the more extreme forms like "ball busting." I love to have My little boy toys massage My feet and give Me a pedicure. For those of you who are TRUE foot fetishist email Me for more info regarding a foot session as they can vary from light to hard and everything in between depending on your other kinks.

Key Holding

Chastity is by far My favorite fetish of all. My single tail is a close second for those of you who try to defy my chastity orders. I offer "key holding" for those slutty subbies who cannot keep their hands off their cocks. I have always heard the saying "The way to a mans heart is through his stomach" BULL SHIT! The way to a mans heart and to have him obey your every wish is to lock his little cock up!

Not all My slaves are in chastity but if situation permits you bet you're going to be locked away!

Requirements for key holding

  • Web cam for check in's
  • A device (I do not "loan" devices)
  • Ability to respectfully submit mentally
  • I prefer initial "locking sessions" to take place in My dungeon if you are not able to come to me I will make other arrangements but it is on a case by case basis


This type of scene is often inquired about and yes it is something that I indulge in but I do have requirements that must be met beforehand. A session consisting of kidnapping must be a minimum of 6 hours and you must be available for an interview in person the day before. I will not under any circumstances NOT use a safe-word during a kidnapping scene. I know lots and lots of boys want it not to be at their disposal but I deem this unsafe. I will go into further detail ONLY after I have reviewed your application.

 Before each play-date I do conduct an interview and a chat to "break the ice" and get to know one another. As hot as it may sound meeting Me for the first time in leather head to toe holding a whip, it may not be the best time for you to decide you have fears of being dominated. I will make every effort to calm your nerves, take some time to explain different toys, furniture and styles of domination. I like for My boys to not be nervous and relaxed as the first session can sometimes be a "feeler." Interviews and chatting before help U/us to jump right into the fun. Do not expect Me to go too in depth about our playtime or what I have planned though. This is not the chance for you to hear your fantasies. This is the chance for Me to better understand you to make your time with Me more rewarding.


Deposits are required to book time with me. A $100 deposit is required and will be applied to your "total session tribute." The remainder I will handle the day of in person. Again is it applied to your TOTAL tribute it is not in addition to. If you are booking an extended session 3 hours or more a deposit of $300 is required. If your session will be more than 6 hours a deposit of half the total tribute is required.

The deposit is NON-NEGOTIABLE! I am very sincere and take my reputation seriously. I would never do anything to tarnish it. If my professionalism is in question you are welcome to look Me up through one of the many websites I am on or read one of My reviews online. I have been a "performer" at various events throughout the country including the Dallas Fetish Ball, Black and Blue Ball, Hot for School and a number of private BDSM events. I am listed on Eros, Pandemos, ECCIE, DomCon Los Angeles, Domme Directory International (DDI), many others and I am very well known and respected in the DFW BDSM community as well. It is not My showing up to O/our meeting that I am concerned with whatsoever.

Type "Maitresse Renee" into your favorite search engine and you will see I am out there and with a good reputation.

Some food for thought...... "you are coming to see Me, a Dominatrix who will restrain you, use implements of tease, torture, and possibly punishment/pain, if you cannot trust Me with a deposit then there is no point in contacting me!" My reputation within the BDSM community is impeccable and I depend on it. I would never "not show" to a meeting or "take your money and run."

A deposit is to insure me that YOU will show to our meeting and not "chicken out." 


You are expected to be well groomed and dressed for your interview and for your session with Me. I do not allow a slave to come dressed disrespectfully and I in no way will tolerate a slave who "smells" or is unshaven. Hygiene is a mandatory requirement so shower up boys.

Yes Ma'am no Ma'am is not only polite but not using it is the fastest way to have my hand print across your cheek! You are to follow instructions to a "T" and most importantly BE ON TIME. I know that traffic sometimes will have a few minutes effect which I am understanding but if you are running an hour behind there better be a good explanation.

Before meeting me for coffee or for a session I require that you email me the day before and call me an hour ahead of time to let me know you are on your way and I ask that if you need to reschedule you do not do it "day of." I will be happy to reschedule sessions and meetings if something dire happens. I am understanding just do not make it a pesky habit.


For those of you who like to send a gift with your application for submission (it is not required) I absolutely love the smell of leather, candles are always appreciated, gift certificates to Leather Masters Dallas or online to Amazon, or Extreme Restraints are great!

If you would like to help me keep my dungeon up to date and have the chance to experience different toys on each visit My wishlists are located below. Again it is not "required" but ALWAYS appreciated. What Domme doesn't like to be spoiled ; )


Will update soon. My dungeon move in 2013 is making me update all the shipping addresses.

Domination is NOT sex! No sexual services are implied or offered whatsoever!

"Sex" is great because of the endorphins that start running through your body, BDSM is the absolute best way to have your endorphins running a MARATHON! you will be at a whole new level of excitement in a session with Me but again no sex is offered. 

I do not partake in any "scat play," play with any animals, minors, blood, or anything I deem unsafe or irresponsible. DO NOT ASK!!

I hope this clears up any confusion and I look forward to meeting you!